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4th Degree Black Belt

Keeping the Flame Burning

Train With Heart and Spirit

The origins of Kenpo can be traced back several thousands of years through the USA, Hawaii, China, India and possible Greece and Egypt.  The Art  taught today bears little resemblance to traditional or classical Arts which have been passed on through the centuries and which are still taught today.

ED PARKER the Founder and Senior Grand Master of American Kenpo Karate believed that an Art which is bound by tradition, soon becomes stagnant and outdated.  He questioned traditional teachings, experimented with and refined Kenpo into the modern practical science of self defence that it is today.

Kenpo means "FIST LAW" and Karate means "EMPTY HANDS".  The core of the system's teachings are its self defence techniques and the principles theories and concepts of self defence that are contained with them.

LOGIC and PRACTICALITY are at the forefront of Kenpo self defence philosophy.  Kenpo is a no nonsense Art which is very dynamic, explosive and highly effective in application.

The main emphisis on Kenpo training is based around establishing DISCIPLINE and COURTESY.  Respect is built into the classes through rituals of saluting higher and lower belts and the Creeds, Pledges and Sayings authored by SENIOR GRAND MASTER ED PARKER.  Our Kenpo Kids classes provide an excellent learning environment in which children can develop both physically and mentally.  It compliments their school work and enhances their powers of concentration.

Kenpo training builds the student's confidence and character by teaching the student physical control, self restraint and humility coupled with the necessary skills of self defence.  The movements of  Kenpo develop strength,               Co-ordination and flexibility all of which are important factors in the growing years but also in later years in the prevention of injury.  The lessons are taught in English and the material is presented for the western way of thinking.

The BELT RANKING SYSTEM is designed to give the student the sense of achievement and acts as a gauge to the student.s level of proficiency in the Art.  Training towards testing for their next belt enhances the student.s ability to concentrate and focus on the material and to work for and  achieve short term planned goals.

Our student's are taught that the physical self defence techniques should only be used when absolutely necessary and then only with the minimum amount of force required to subdue the opponent.

American Kenpo is good clean fun and is suitable for both men and women and children to learn.